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About us

Plata Energy is an Upstream O&G consulting company focused on the Americas. Our team is comprised of seasoned geoscientists, engineers, energy economists, data scientists, political scientists and management consultants, bilingual and with advanced degrees. Present in Calgary, Houston, Seattle, México, Bogotá, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Buenos Aires and Quito, we offer a unique blend of skills, international and corporate experiences.

Our integrated technical and commercial practices cover geosciences, exploration, conventional, unconventional and offshore field development, operations, IOR, optimization, supply chain and M&A, linking science and technology with management and finance to offer tailored solutions.  We connect investors to opportunities, and beyond supporting M&A technical/operational/commercial due diligence, we assist in post-merger integration strategy, reorganization and portfolio realignment.

Our data analytics transform oilfield data into business solving tools.  Because we understand processes, organization and talent, we bring about transformation and cultural change to ensure that the new tools and workflows are embedded and used.

We offer guidance on country entry, growth strategies and target screening in the conventional, unconventional and deepwater realms.  We know the assets, the players, and the related political and regulatory frameworks, infrastructure, logistics and supply chains.

We help National Oil Companies and Government Agencies in their own transformation and performance improvement by benchmarking and streamlining organization, processes, decision-making, contractual, fiscal and regulatory terms, validation and analysis of national reserves and resources, and licensing tender design and management.

Technology, knowledge transfer, teaching and mentoring are also in our DNA, and we offer a wide range of technical, commercial and management in-house tailored training short courses and targeted troubleshooting workshops.

Plata Energy, the Americas O&G specialists and the one-stop-shop for your upstream consulting needs.