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September 2021

Energy Summit 2021

Colombia Offshore Gas

Max Torres, Managing Partner


World Energy Consumption 2020

Energy World consumption

World Comsumption Pattern

Majors and NOCs Gas Production Share

World class E&P plays in LatAm

Regional Offshore Colombia Framework and Gas Presence

UDW play potential

UDW Play
  • Frontier low risk gas /oil DHI play
  • 97 Leads. Largest near 30 Tcfg

Kronos Cluster Development Plan Domestic Assumptions


MEFS Kronos Cluster Economics

Project breakeven $6/ Mmbtu or lower

Concluding remarks

  • Worldwide gas consumption has increased in the last 25 years
  • Majors gas production share is near 40% and climbing
  • Colombia Offshore had important gas discoveries representing near 6.5 Tcfg reserves and near 5 Tcfg in resources
  • Colombia Offshore has now significant reserves and resources to support domestic consumption (1bcfgd) and gas exports
  • Domestic breakeven near $6/MMBTU. New incentives in tax breaks and tax holidays to create gas investments in E&P and distribution grid
  • New UDW province could be transformational in creating a supergiant HC producer / exporter country. Gas resources estimated near 200 Tcfg.



See the full presentation in PDF