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  • Integrated multidisciplinary play and prospect evaluation
  • Prospect to regional sequence stratigraphic and structural characterization
  • Seismic and attribute analysis interpretation flow
  • Well log petrophysics and pay estimation
  • Deterministic and probabilistic resources volumetric estimation
  • Geological and economic risk assessments and MEFS determination
  • Exploration economics and decision tree analyses
  • Integrated technical and commercial bid round evaluation

Development & Production

  • Development plans (onshore and offshore), capex / opex determination and benchmarking
  • Drilling and completion
  • Integrated reservoir characterization and flow assurance / pressure analysis
  • Fine grid static, upscaling and dynamic geomodelling
  • Development, infill and workover locations proposals and audits
  • Decline curve analysis reserves classification and auditing
  • Development plans, capex / opex determination and benchmarking
  • Improved, enhanced, and unconventional oil recovery
  • Logistics and supply chain for unconventional hydrocarbons
  • Field operations management
  • Production optimization economics
  • Asset restructuring

Data Analytics

  • Capture and transform oilfield data into business problem solving tools
  • Diagnoses and failure predictions in oilfield equipment (e.g., sucker-rod pumps, compressors, etc.)
  • Stochastic methods applied to seismic interpretation, well location, selection of perforation intervals and landing zones, etc.
  • People Analytics and the “Digital Employee”, transformation and cultural change in the Big Data Analytics era